Friday, February 22, 2013

Down I go.... to 149.5!!!

So, I woke up this morning, and just like most mornings, I ran upstairs to the scale to weigh myself. I know I shouldn’t do this — its obsessive, and my weight is always going to be changing with water weight, fat loss, new muscle, etc. — BUT I DONT CARE. I do it, and I’m probably not going to quit anytime soon.

Aaaanyways — when I stepped onto the scale this morning..well, youll NEVER guess what it said!!!!!
…ok, ok…. GUESS!!!


IT SAID 149.5 pounds!!
(and 1/2)

Ahh!! Seriously! I almost screaaamed, but (fortunately for my two sleeping roommates) I held it in, and ended up “SCREAMING” it on facebook instead, haha!
This was the first time I had seen any number in the 140s since junior high! AHHH!! I didnt care about the number itself—-but I DID care about how it showed my progress! It showed me that ANYTHING (even the things I didn’t think were possible…like hitting a weight below 150) IS POSSIBLEfrom this point forward, I REALLY REALLY KNOW what I have accomplished, and I REALLY REALLY KNOW what I am capable of —- ANYTHING!!!
PARTYYYYY TONIGHT!! Can I get a HECK YEAH?!?!?!?!!? =)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Phentermine, YOU ARE MY FRIEND!

I recently un-cancelled my gym membership to THE PLATINUM CENTER here in Tulsa (I cancelled it last month thinking I would buy a treadmill for my home…ha! FORGET THAT!! ….Platinum Center is AMAZING!!) and got rid of all the JUNK in my house.

I did a lot of research and started asking around for supplements (some work, some don’t, some only for certain people—it’s a risk!) but ultimately ended up taking my roommates advice, skipped the OTC supplements, and went to THE CALORIE COUNTER in Owasso for doctor prescribed PHENTERMINE — a weight loss pill thats FDA approved and basically GUARANTEED to work with a 1200 calorie diet (or less), lots of water, and (of course) exercise.


My first doctors appointment was on January 22 and was $60 — I got a $10 discount for the referral (thanks roomie!!) The phen prescription will be $50/month now. BOO IM CHEAP!! I guess if I keep referring my friends it will be $40/month—as every referral gets ME and THEM $10 off! BALLIN for saving $$$!
I think the phen is working INCREDIBLY well!! It is literally the FIRST time in my life that I haven’t been HUNGRY during the day! …No seriously this is insane… FIRST TIME EVERRR!!! It also gives me a SEEEEERIOUS boost of energy that gets me through the morning, lunch, afternoon, workout, and evening. Did I mention that it is incredible?!I’ve taken other “over the counter” diet pills, shakes, meal replacements, and other stuff before — but phen seems to be a good fit for me, at least for now.

I’ve been using phen for a month and just recently went back for the required blood tests and to get my refill. The blood test was for 3 vials of blood — apparently they test blood cell count, thyroid levels, and a few other things. It serves to make sure that my body is healthy while taking the pills and that phen isn’t hurting my body, so thats good! It wasn’t bad at all! Plus I would rather know the pills aren’t really affecting me in an unhealthy way. The pills ARE FDA approved, but I don’t think anyone can ever really be too careful…

Aside from phen, I also track my food! I use the app MYFITNESSPAL to track EVERY SINGLE CALORIE that goes in my mouth. Follow me if you want: paulablalock is my username.

I do cardio only right now (weights can come later, I guess) about 30/45/60 minutes about 5 or 6 days per week.

I eat lots of raw vegetables, fiber one oat & honey bars, sometimes a BBVi shake, and fresh meals that normally include avocado. YUMMM! I am trying to stay away from processed meals like smart ones this time–trying to eat more fresh foods, whole grains, etc. Also, I rarely drink anymore. I think I’ve had a beer or two and a few glasses of wine since January 6th..

So far, I’m down 19lbs since Janruary 6, 2013. I am DEFINITELY enjoying this weight loss now! Phen is working incredibly. I’m seriously just cannot believe that it’s I am down 19 pounds!!!

Aaaaaahhh!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself— and I know this is JUST the beginning. I’m ready, and I’m making the new lifestyle permenant!! :-)
My size 12 pants are not even fitting more loosly, but they are LITERALLY falling off of me! It is ridiculous!! :) I enjoy not fitting into my clothes…….most days.

I have, however, started struggling with body image issues and fat. I wake up in the morning, and when getting ready for work, I try on 10 different shirts and five pairs of pants or jeans — NOTHING I own fits me anymore. This wouldn’t be a problem, but I have LITERALLY zero clothes that show off my weight loss or even flatter my body, and I have no money to go out and start buying a new wardrobe. No one can tell that i’m losing weighht because i’m still in all the same old fat clothes..
Sometimes I think it would be better to be fat and have my clothes fit, than to be getting skinny and have no clothes that fit – which means that no one can tell that I am even losing weight because all my clothes are so baggy! Ugh, WHATS THE POINT?! Ugh!! How discouraging and frustrating!!!!
I know.. I know… I just need to start saving money, shop sales and resale shops, try to sell my fat clothes, and maybe make myself buy one new outfit per month. I just hate spending money and I hate even more the thought of spending $50 – $100 on a complete new outfit that hopefully won’t fit me in a month… Blah!
I cry some mornings…..and afternoons…. and evenings. I am just SUUUUPER frustrated. I am in-between sizes and i’m broke and blah. Poor me losing weight, right?! …………..I SHOULD BE CELEBRATING!!!! (not crying!!)
I’m really just ready to look good — but right now, it’s just not happening…. despite my weight loss!!! It will come though… I know it!! DEDICATION! MOTIVATION! INSPIRATION!

This is my latest progress photo and known information:

My measurements—
Waist: ?
Hips: ?
Right arm: ?
Right thigh: ?
Weight: 154
Body fat: ?
BMI: ?

Its crazy how much difference I can feel and see in myself! My tummy feels lighter, less “fatty,” and I have definitely have lost some love handles. I tried on a pair of size 8 jeans at old navy the other day. I’m really, technically, still a size 10, but I could not only squeeze into the size 8s, I could button AND zip them!!! Ahhh!!! Two months ago I was fitting into a size 14 — now I am a 10 and working towards a size 8! I am so happy!! I know I still have a LOOONG way to go — but I I know I can do it!
Here are the size 8 jeans that I “fit” into at old navy:
***pleeeeeaseeee don’t mind my face or outfit, and ESPECIALLY not my icky mushroom tummy I have in these pants….. but just look—size 8 jeans! I don’t care….. Progress….RIGHT!?! HAPPY THOUGHTS!!


Also, I can tell a significant difference in the size of my thighs. I can even sit double cross-legged now (crossing thighs and calves and ankles)!! My great grandma Ann used to sit like this because she said it was “comfortable” — I never could because my thighs were too big! If you have no clue what I’m talking about… this:


Below is a comparison photo from day 16 VS day 37 (my updated progrss photo and now) ——– and a second photo of Day 1 VS day 37, which is my first progress photo vs today!!!! I feel great—my tummy is muuuuch “flatter,” my hips are MUCH smaller, and my thighs… yeah, you guessed it—SMALLER! =) My bra even fits better—the waist band is almost too large! WAHOOO!