Inspire Me

We all find motivation and inspiration in different places.
I have found most of my motivation (outside of wanting it for myself…) from following other people’s blogs, looking at their before/in-progress/after photos, and reading their stories.
I mean, heck! If theeeeeey can do it… I CAN TOO!
I also find motivation from Pinterest and photos that I stumble upon online.

The dream is… what motivates ME will also motivate YOU!
Feel free to surf around this page -- hopefully these blogs/photos reach you like they did me! After all, we could all use a little more motivation and inspiration!
....more to come!




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  1. Wow this really opened my eyes. Thank you for sharing these. I am looking forward to surfing through pinterest as well for more inspiration. and I cant' wait to start this weight loss journey and finally win for once! It is so important to know that I am not alone and I am not the only girl in the world who struggles with being over weight and dieting. The x-ray picture really scared me which probably is a good thing because I am that 250 pound girl and I probably feel just the same as that girl does in that photo. Tired sluggish always sick and never having enough energy to get through the day. My year for change is this year!!!! No turning back! XOXO :)