Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting over my latest TRAINWRECK (DAY #1) .... and a little {WIW}

Talk about a trainwreck!!   
That's what I have been for the last, oooohh, month or so!

It all started about April 24th, when the A Brush with Kindness project kicked into hardcore gear at work. I was used to working 7-8 hour days, but immmediately was thrown into working an average of 10 hour days. This cut down my free time and unfortunately, working out was thrown on the backburner. Shame on me. I also decided that I wanted to take a semi-break from phen since I had heard that your body can only take it for so long before its effects lessened, which is something that I was already feeling!

So I'm sitting here, the end of April, working like a crazy woman, not exercising, and being hungry! Gosh! What a big fat excuse, huh?!

Anyways, for the next week I was kicked into high gear at work, I didn't eat really at all, I didn't drink water like I should, and I definitely wasn't going to the gym. The week of the Apr 29-May 3 I was up to working about 14 - 15 hours per day (some people do this... this IS NOT normal for me and, let me tell you, is a HUGE adjustment!!)
When I wasn't sleeping I was working, and when I was working I didn't have time to prepare food -- so I ate out. I had jimmy johns and chips and pizza and snacks and hotdogs and whatever else was "around" on the worksite or at home. I didn't want to cook. I didn't want to try to eat right. I was pooped and my body was only feeling worse because I had taken it from "healthy, active, and eating right" to "fast/processed food, sitting, and unhealthy. Not to mention the 2lb bag of M&Ms sitting on my living room table that I LITERALLY had to put away so I wouldn't eat them!

Talk about a TRAINWRECK!!
I was feeling GROSS!! I felt bloated and tired and I was worried everyday that if I hit the scale it would suuuurely say +5lbs or more! I knew what I was doing to my body, but didn't act to change it. What a dumb thing to be worried about ---  this is totally something that I have control over!

TAKE CONTROL, WOMAN!! GET IT TOGETHER, PAULA! YOU CAN DO THIS!! You're in a slump and you need to PULL YOURSELF OUT!! --- This is what I should have said to myself, rather than eating a few more chips and going to bed. Ugh!

The project and me working like a horse lasted until about May 10th. Then things settled back down....somewhat. I decided, becuase I was feeling disgusting, to call Fitness Together --- a personal training company. Hunter had bought me the "3 personal training sessions" at the Habitat Gala, and I knew it was time to put them to good use. I was tired of the two weeks of bad choices, feeling icky, etc... so I called them up and had my first (and then second) appointment.
They went really well -- I now know that I LOVE personal training sessions -- and the next day I was so sore I didnt know I could get out of bed. The one thing I definitely learned there was that someone else will make you PUSH your body harder than you ever would do alone at the gym. Having a personal trainer or a gym buddy is sooooo important, not only for motivation in general, but for inspiration to push yourself further and work harder to get the results you want!

That weekend was somewhat relaxing, but then the next week I was told that I would be interviewed for a full-time position at my work doing exactly what I currently do. Things have been really stressful at work lately, and I have mixed feelings about the hiring of a new volunteer person, but I decided to apply and interview for the job anyways. What could it hurt, right?
The interview went well and I got a second interview... so waiting the 6 days for that was a nightmare. The second interview went okay, if you were wondering -- Ill keep you updated on my job status as it comes (or, potentially, goes!)

Amidst all of my bad choices in food and basic lack of any schedule of exercise, the stress of catching up from the project, the stress of trying to land my job (permanently, anyway. Right now I am on contract that ends in August -- hello unemployed!) I knew it was time to get back on those tracks and get busy with the right choices!

I ordered Advocare's 10 day cleanse and decided that it had been about 25-30 days since I had taken Phen-- so I would start that again too. ***Most importantly, of course, all of this in addition to hitting the gym and eating clean! I received my package with the cleanse last night!***

I knew I had to make a change because I didnt want to let things get out of control. I had to stop that cycle. I ordered the cleanse, received it 2 days later and started the very next morning (TODAY!)
I had fallen back into the habit of grabbing chips or candy (or whatever, really) every single time I walked through the kitchen. I had to get back to my clean eating habits. That's why I decided to do this cleanse. Yes, it is restrictive (it is a cleanse!), but I needed some restriction to get my head on straight. I needed a plan to follow that didn't leave any wiggle room. And this 10 day cleanse (I hope) is going to do that for me.

So today, {Weigh In Wednesday}! 05/22/2013, I woke up, weighted myself, took my measurements, and started on the right foot with my Vitamin B12 pill (for metabolism!), my multivitamin, 2 vitamin C pills (for immune system!), a biotin pill (for healthy hair and nails!) my phentermine, and my first Advocare fiber drink! All was well, but if you don't drink that in a rapid time, it starts to gel? It was strange, but not bad, and I just added water to it and it went back to being drinkable again haha! I read reviews on the CITRUS flavor - they say it tasted worse than the peaches in cream but worked better - so I bought the citrus flavor. It reminded me of something familiar in taste and texture, but I still don't know what! I'll let you know if I remember soon!

Here is what the Advocare citrus fiber drink looks like:

MmmmMmmMmmMMMmm.... FIBER!

I'll be updating my blog daily with reports of measurements, what I experience/think of the cleanse, and of course, my weight!

Speaking of... today IS, after all, {WIW!}

What will my weight be by the end of my cleanse? Only time will tell!

And I will leave you with this....

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