Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Its been a good start...but?

My progress is coming along quite nicely. After some weight loss (7lbs!!), I decided to start taking prescription Phentermine to help curb my appetite in addition to my calorie counting and cardio workout schedule. I got phentermine today — day 16 for me.
This is my mid-diet “before phen” photo and info:


My measurements—
Waist: ?
Hips: ?
Right arm: ?
Right thigh: ?

Weight: 164
Body fat: 35.6%
BMI: 25.7

Below is a comparison photo from day 1 VS day 16! I can already tell a slight difference in my thigh size, but some noticible weight has been lost in my front tummy and in my love handles! My bra is even fitting better— definitely less riding up!


All I can stay is… this is a start. It’s MY start. Changes, no matter how small, only serve to motivate me! I know I look like poop! I have looked like poo for years, with my fatty tummy, big thighs, and a new friend some people already know **insert evil music here** CELLULITE!

I’m ready to change my life, change my weight, and change my body.
I can’t wait until I can post photos of myself in cute outfits and bathing suits—photos where everything fits me! Summertime is coming soooooo fast, and I want to be BIKINI (or, at least, cute bathing suit) READY!
I’m up for the challenge, and hoping that phentermine really helps out in furthering my weight and fat loss!

….here goes! I’ll definitely keep you updated!!

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