Monday, April 8, 2013


I've told you some information about Calorie Counter, my Phentermine appetite supression/diet pill, in previous posts -- so I wanted to get you all the real information in terms of contact information, online presence, costs, hours, etc.
Calorie Counter is a small doctors office in Owasso at 9100 N Garnett Rd --- thats basically a little south of ihop in owasso and on the west side of the street, across from the fire department in a small strip mall beside Ron's Hamburgers.
My iphone gps, and google maps BOTH took me WAY off from here.... so, just in case, here is a link to a map:
The address to actually FIND it on the gps is:
8359 North Garnett Road,Owasso OK 74055
The phone number there is 918-272-0440. The staff is really great, and you dont have to make an appointment -- everything is done by walk-in when they are open.
Business hours are:
Tues: 9-5 (new patients be there before 4)
Fri: 9-5 (new patients be there before 4)
Sat: 9-12 (new patients be there before 10)
As far as pricing, your first visit will consist of a $20 doctors visit, and $50 for the cost of your prescription --  for a total of $70.
The first visit consists of getting your weight, height, body fat, water weight, etc. and visiting with the doctor about your goals, instructions, and about the pills themselves. It is super simple.
The only other cost associated would be the lab work. That is $50. Before they allow you to pick up your second prescription, you will need to have blood drawn and tested. They draw 3 vials to make sure that you have enough blood cells, that your thyroid is working right, and test a few other things---basically to make sure that you are healthy enough to take the pills and that you do not have any underlying conditions that would restrict the pills effectiveness or other things. If you've had all the required blood tests in the last year (or something?) you can just have those results sent to them and they won't charge you anything. If you havent had blood taken, the cost to get bloodwork done through RML and then pay at Calorie Counter would be $50. You pay the $50 at Calorie Counter after you get the order sent to RML (regional medical labs---part of St. Johns) nad after you get your blood taken. 
They say you can also go through your primary doctor and have him/her refer you to get the tests, which can go through your insurance if you have any, and might be cheaper. I do not honestly know about this because I just went through Calorie Counter.
As far as discounts go, they dont really offer any. If you tell them that I referred you, you will get a $10 discount, which makes your first visit $60 and every visit after only $50 for pills.
You can get a $10 off PER REFERRAL that you send to the clinic. So, if you go get the pills this month and get $10 off, you and I both will get a $10 referral -- so after your initial visit if you refer anything you and your referee will receive the discount. This is great for your first visit -- hello discount for both of us! Other referrals you get can be put towards your pills, so they could be $40/mo or cheaper, depending. Its sweet. 
I would still recommend this to ANYONE--- without the referral or the bonus $10 off. It is worth the $70 for your fist visit and $50 for drawing blood (to make sure yoou're healthy!) and the $50/month for the pills full price --- but who doenst want/need a discount?! I know I do! I seriously know (for certain, for me personally, at least) this stuff works!! I honestly don't care about the $10 savings, thats lunch $ -- overall, its more about how awesome the results I have had are, and that I would share it with anyone else who wants to lose any weight!
BUUUUTT, if you are interested in saving that initial $10 and making your first visit $60 instead of $70, put me down (Paula Blalock) as a referral! Hello win-win! =)
Thats it! All the basic information that I have! Let me know if you refer me, or have any questions at all about PHEN or my experience so far!


  1. I don't know if you still go here but I did use you as a referral. Thanks, Kathy Warner

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