Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WEIGH IN Wednesday!

It's WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY and I'm totally excited to see what the scale says!!
I've being hitting the gym, eating clean, and drinking 100+oz of water most every day for a week and I do honestly feel better. My eating habits are better (I eat less and better, healthier foods), I'm exercising harder and dying less when I do so. I'm not even craving the junk food and soda like I used to...
Last month I dropped some major poundage, all of it has stayed off, but I havent made any real major losses in the past two weeks. Last Monday I was at 149 in the morning and by Friday was back to 151 (it was a lot of water weight probably, but still, I only want to see the numbers go down on the scale).

This monday I weighed and hit the scale at 148, which is 1 pound loss! WAHOO!

Today, WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY, I came to the scale at 147!! 
YESSS - ANOTHER POUND!!  (small victories, right?)

That is a  total of 27 pounds lost! Plus, I have lost another inch in my natural waist, one more around my belly button waist, and another inch lost in my hips! Gosh -- It feels nice to be (and be staying in) the 140s! I can't wait until I hit the 139 mark!!! I could just scream like a little girl! Hahaha!

93 days down -- and many more to go!
71 Phentermine pills swallowed!
3 dress /pant sizes lost - size 14 to size 8!!
27 pounds lost!!
I must admit that I am pretty excited about how far I have come and where I am headed! 
I've got some serious work to do on those "wimpy water guns" that I call arms, my thighs, my tummy, my butt, and the lovely cellulite (---naughty words like cellulite (EEK!) shouldn't be posted on blogs, I knoooow, ha!). *said in HULK voice* >>> TIME TO TONE!
Anyway, I am still happy with this weeks outcome and am going to work hard to make the numbers continue in the right direction for the next week!

Current Photos:
Comparison Photos (Day 1 and Day 93)
WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY, Thank you for being good to me!


  1. I know you want to go further, but you are bikini-ready IMO. Awesome!

    1. Well thank you =) I appreciate your kind words!
      I actually bought an adooooorable bikini a few days ago to motivate myself to look SMOKIN hott in it! ;) I have some definite work to do -- Im sure ill post some pre-summer bikini pics up soon ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Ooooohh gosh, Linds! You're making me blush! =)