Saturday, April 2, 2016

Which watch is right for me??

Y'all! I've had 5 fitness watches in the last 3 months. 😒😒 Buy, try, return, repeat. 

(Polar FT40, polar f4, Apple watch, garmin vivoactive, polar m400, polar a360) 

I haven't found one I'm truly happy with.... Until now! 

I'm obsessed with my new polar A360 and HRM strap! Finally I found something I love and that does everything I MUST HAVE:

- Daily activity (calories and steps/distance - approximation is ok, nothing is super accurate...yet!)

- Waterproof (like for real, why is this not a thing in most everyday fitness watches?!) 

- Wrist optical HRM is constant, but works with polar h7 chest strap for workouts

...Which gives me.... 

- ACCURATE caloric burn count while working out (unlike Fitbit who is in a couple lawsuits right now because of its inaccuracy) 

- Ability to display notifications from my phone (optional feature you can turn on/off) 

- Vibrates to remind me to "get moving" (keeps me motivated and reminds me to walk around when I've. Been sitting too long!)

1) tracks sleep (Also, nothing is super accurate, but it's neat to analyze from day to day!) 

2) an AMAZING, user-friendly app that is easy to sync with (unlike garmin) - I seriously love the polar flow app!! 

3) ability to change strap - the watch center is removable so you can switch band! Hey, I'm ok with optional variety! 

4) modern looking watch design :) 

All in all, right now I'm in love 😍😍

Tomorrow I take spin class with my trusty (and old) polar FT40 HRM watch/strap. And yes, I will wear both watches  😂
We will see how it compares on calorie count. 
If it does as it says, I WILL MARRY THIS WATCH. 😍😍😘😘 

Just thought y'all might wanna know - since I've been seeing posts about HRMs and I've done a ton of research and read thousands of reviews and tried out 5 or 6! :) 

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