Thursday, February 18, 2016

10 Day Cleanse: Results

Soooo.... I decided that this body of mine could use a cleansing! 
So I'm doing the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse. I've done it before and when I really follow it I get great results. 

I did the cleanse in January and lost a total of 7.4 pounds. The weight loss was great and all, but what made all the difference for me was my before/after photo! 😳😳😳 I definitely feel healthier, and less bloated and fatty. 

BEFORE (left): Jan 6th, 2016
AFTER (right): Feb 4, 2016 

So about this cleanse... 
I prefer this one to others because it's not expensive ($36.95) and includes everything you need to complete the 10 days. The dietary restrictions are rough if your used to eating crap but that's why it works. Basically, you need to stay away from sugar, white carbs, caffeine & dairy. 

I've also enjoyed some of their other supplements like Spark (energy drink? and Catalyst which are amino acids that help maintain your muscle mass & help your body burn fat instead of muscle (I've had issues with losing muscle in the past!) 

Also--- with Advocare, you have the option of becoming a distributor for just $79.99. With that comes a 20% discount on products. That $79 also gets you three boxes of spark! YUM! 
I chose to go ahead and sign up seeing as I love multiple products and can now get them at a discount. It's not for everyone but I thought it made the most sense for me. 

In the past, I've had some friends do the cleanse with me & I would love that this time around as well!
If you think about doing it or trying some of the products, think of signing up as a distributor. And if you do, I'll throw in the cleanse for FREE! So $79.99 will get you the distributor kit with 3 boxes of Spark (energy drink), 20% off all your future products, and the cleanse. (Great value if you want to do the cleanse anyways & try the energy drink)

If you want something more extensive, they have a 24 day challenge kit  that pretty much just starts after the 10 day cleanse ends. I have 3 days left of my cleanse and then 14 days of different vitamins and supplements for the other half of the challenge.

I'm very excited and hope to see just as much of a result as I did in January. Stick around - I'll let you know how it goes! 

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