Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I am soooo thirsty. Not only do I need to stay hydrated for weight loss, I’ve GOT to get this “cotton mouth” under control — a definitely unplesant side effect of taking phen!

Tomorrow, I think I will start the GALLON challenge.

One gallon of water each day!
….now I’m going to look like those hardcore guys at the gym that carry around their gallon water jugs… just grreeeeat! :-P

I definitely need this though! Time to flush out the fat, especially now that I’m eating right and working out! Might as well tackle my fat from all angles and do everything I can to enhance other things im already doing!!!!

I can do this! I mean, after all, I am reaaaaaaally thirsty!
…..wish me luck!? (I might need it!)

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  1. Hi! I'm a new blogger..
    my name is Brandi. I saw your reply to one of MamaLaughlin's posts and decided to follow you. While you don't have as much weight to lose as me all support and reading other's people's journey's the better!! Weird to see that we are close also! I am a single mother going to school full time and homeschooling my daughter here in Stillwater!! Okie's yeah!!! I have about 100 I'd like to lose would definitely at least like to see myself pre-baby weight if nothing else. I've always been how you describe yourself, brainy, funny, blah blah but never skinny or great looking body. So ive decided to blog my journey to keep myself accountable. Nice meeting you!!